SSC II (Skills, Strength and Conditioning) – This class is the foundation for our functional training program. Warm up with guided skills and technique work before challenging yourself with strength training, and then finish with a full body conditioning workout.

Barbell Strength – Warmup the muscles then focus on variations of barbell lifts such as deadlift, squat, overhead press, and bench press.

MeditationMorning meditation allows us to take a moment away from the go-go-go nature of everyday life and first to listen, breathe, process, and scan. All practices encourage you to open your heart to yourself and are 15-25 minutes.

Bodyweight Burn -A quick 30-minute full body workout using only your bodyweight. Improve strength, endurance, overall muscle balance, and core strength with a combination of entry level gymnastics movements and functional bodyweight exercises.

Yoga For Life – Become familiar with the broader system of yoga during this class. We will approach each class through inquisition of the mind, spirit, and body and practice movement, breathing, and concentration. Each class concludes with an open dialogue so the coach can better understand needs and interests, and to increase your role as an expert of your own body and practice. Any experience or ability level is welcome.

Power Yoga Balance and flow in this vigorous breath-to-movement class while improving joint stability, core strength, and overall flexibility. B-Fit lifestyle coaches will cue you deep into poses while building your confidence to get the most out of your practice.

Yoga SculptTone major muscle groups, unlock your flexibility, and get your heart rate up with this vinyasa-style flow combined with light weights and cardio.

Muscle RecoveryLearn self-massage techniques by a licensed massage therapist. Schedule recovery in your routine and feel the difference in your workouts and comfort.